Gratitude marketing – how to build relationships with customers?

Imagine such a scenario … Customers call you to place an order, you no longer have to solicit recommendations, customers recommend your company to their friends and family …. Sounds unreal? But it is possible. If you devote the right amount of time to create the right relationship with customers, and then focus your attention on meeting their needs while expressing your gratitude to them, you will be pleasantly surprised by the change in all aspects of your company. The customer retention rate will improve, you will gain many new customers thanks to the recommendations, which will lead to an increase in revenues and profits of your company.


What is a gratitude marketing?

In simple words, gratitude marketing is building long-term customer loyalty through personal relationships. Because gratitude marketing focuse on customers and their needs, not on the company – it is much more powerful than hard sales.

It starts with understanding that customers are people like you and want to know that you care about them. They also want personalized service and an individual approach. When customers feel connected with your company and that you express your gratitude to them for being your customers, they will be more loyal and will recommend your company to others.

The key to gratitude marketing is honesty. You must be honest and appreciate your customers. Your customers must believe that the efforts you take to appreciate them, do not have hidden sales motives. If you really want to establish a long lasting relationship with your customers, regularly express your gratitude.


Why gratitude marketing is so important?

Customers want to regularly receive reminders that they are important to you and it is your responsibility to constantly and consistently remind them of your company and strengthen your relationships.


Here are three main reasons why it is so important to express your gratitude to customers:

  • When customers experience gratitude and appreciation from you, they feel obliged to support your company by recommending it to others. What your customers say about you, your company and the services / products you offer is better than any form of advertising and much more reliable than anything you could tell yourself.
  • The cost of acquiring a new customer is high. It is less expensive to keep than to acquire customers. Gratitude marketing is simply a way to keep existing relationships. By deepening and nurturing customer relationships, it is much easier to keep them longer.
  • The most important resource that your company has are customer relationships. When you combine creating relationships with their nurturing, you will gain customers for life.


Research shows that what drives marketing today focus on customer satisfaction and creating positive customer experience with your company. People are looking for ways to feel good and confident with their decisions, eliminate anxiety and simplify their lives. Remember that every day customers are bombarded with hashtags and ads on social media, public transport, radio and TV commercials or by reading articles online. If you want to stand out from other companies that are mainly pushing for sales and being noticed in the maze of ads – use simple, proven principles – cultivate relationships with your customers, appreciate them, meet their needs and your company’s results will improve significantly.


The success of your company depends on happy and loyal customers. They may not always remember what you say, but they will remember how your company makes them feel. If you want your business to grow and prosper, thank your customers regularly.

Gratitude marketing is a long-term, strategic solution. It allows the company to grow in a thoughtful manner and attract customers to the company, instead of hunting for them. But remember that this is not a single action, but a coherent, reasonable strategy and way of doing business – only then your company will succeed.