Top 5 advantages of Live Chat

Imagine you have bought something. Then you come home and see that this thing you just bought doesn’t come with instructions. So you go to customer services but you immediately regret it because the line’s like a mile long. The person in front of you says, “I’ve been waiting half an hour.” No one has time for that.

Thanks to live chat customer can instantly talk to a reliable agent and have the issue resolved in immediately. Need instructions? Agent can send you this document right this moment and  what’s important agent can also show you how to do it. Have any inquiries? There’s an experienced agent at the other side of the live chat that’s giving you in-depth answers on whatever you want to know about.

How live chat can improve your business? Below you will find top five advantages of using live chat:

1. Improves customer service and loyalty, convenience for customers

Live chat provides your customers with instant access to sales and support agents. When your customers can easily contact you with any questions or problems that they may have, they will be more willing to do business with you.

An Aberdeen Group research report found that live chat was hands down the preferred method of communication for online shoppers when compared to other communication methods. According to the report, 51% of customers prefer live chat for multitasking purposes, with another 21% preferring live chat so they can shop while they work.

Another source – The eDigital Customer Service Benchmark survey of 2000 consumers that found that live chat had the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73%, as compared to 61% for email support and only 44% for traditional phone.

With numbers like these, it’s easy to see why customers return to businesses that provide live chat.

2. Live Chat cuts down on expances

Phone support is how companies traditionally serve their customers, but it is very costly. On the other hand live chat doesn’t cost much more than a quality email provider and is a lot cheaper than phone support. In fact, Forrester research proved that live chat customer service is 17-30% cheaper than a phone call service.

Live chat software has consistently demonstrated that it can save on both employee task time and phone expenses. Below you will find most notable cost savings:

  • – Reduces overall contact center costs by lowering average interaction costs.
  • – Increases efficiency by allowing live chat representatives to handle multiple chats at the same time, thus reducing the need to hire more representatives.

With employees spending less time on the phone, they can multi-task during chat conversations and cut the waiting queue to a fraction of its former size when compared to a call center. But this is not only about improvement but about increasing the chances of overall sales as well.

3. Live Chat increases sales

The American Marketing Association study proves that live chat can increase conversions by at least 20 % and that the typical ROI rate from paid live chat software for sales teams is about 300%. The same report shows that customers that use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases versus those who don’t use it.

4. Live Chat gives you an edge of your competition

If you want to become more competitive, live chat is a key feature that your websites must have in order to be competitive and to hopefully rise to the top.

A recent report published by TELUS International found that many major companies still do not use live chat on their websites. In fact, a recent study of 1,000 websites found that only 9% of websites use live chat to provide real time support to their customers.

This means that if you do opt to install live chat software on your website(s) — and you should — there are good chances that you will have an advantage over your competition in terms of friendly, instant support access. You will also have more opportunities to make more sales by proactively engaging your website visitors.

In the last five years, the number of U.S. online shoppers who use live chat has increased from 38% to 58% (Forrester), which means that more and more companies are adopting live chat every year to meet their customers demands. Millennials also prefer live chat, so if your company want to win their favor this is the way to do it.

5. Live Chat taps into customer pain points

A pain point is a problem that a customer has which has not been solved. It can also be a need that has not been addressed. Live chat provides immediate access to customers’ pain points. When customers use live chat, most of the time they try to ensure that a product will perform as promised or that they will get the discount they want. In addition, as live chat representatives talk to customers, they can find out ways to improve a company’s products and services.

With traditional support options such as email or phone calls, it is sometimes difficult to know the pain points of your customers because they may only be heard or received by one team or one person. With live chat all administrators and supervisors have access to all chat histories. The histories can also be sorted, searched and filtered to quickly learn customer pain points. Therefore, company can easily find out what are the problems or needs of their customers and try to find ways to address and resolve them. That is one of the greatest benefits of live chat.


Live chat allows you to give quick answers to questions about your products and services, solve problems faster, and assure your customers that you’re there when they need you. This is a simple, yet very effective recipe for improving both customer service and loyalty.