Why We Should be Open to the Idea of Implementing AI?

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are a few different types of generations living together. We have the baby boomers (age 55-72), Generation X (age 54-37), Generation Y (age 36-23), Generation Z (age 22-8), and Generation Alpha (age 7-0). The Baby boomers are usually those who still like to use the phone or send letters, and Generation X tries to stay on top of the new trends but it doesn’t always mean that they do. Then we have Generation Y which understands their parents (gen. Y) but also understands their children (generation Z and gen. Alpha). The teenagers (gen. Z) and youngsters(gen. Alpha) are ultimately what technology focuses on because they will one day be our future. I have seen children as young as 3-4 years old and they were able to use a tablet better than I could. This is why businesses and companies must start incorporating the technological advances which are available to them because if not, they will get eaten up within 5-10 years by companies who gave into technology. Gen. Z and gen. Alpha are being brought up with cell phones, computers, tablets, chatbots, chats, and all types of different social medias, you can basically say technology is a huge chunk of their childhood which they will eventually take into their adulthood.

According to an article on the Gartner Website by three well known analysts’, artificial intelligence systems are “applications that teach themselves rules to mimic human insight and tactical thinking are more practical than ever. Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing employ machine learning, deep neural networks and other technologies to achieve new levels of performance and insight” and these systems are also “based on deep neural networks [which] analyze huge amounts of data beyond simple algorithms. They learn to identify and classify input patterns, probabilistically predict, and operate unsupervised.” When someone mentions artificial intelligence, people think robots learning, thinking and acting like humans, and they are correct.

Google, Microsoft, and Apple are all investing billions of dollars in this field as you read this article. Thanks to the beginnings of these studies, there have been machines created to replace what we thought only humans can do. According to information from the Bank of America, about 47% of jobs can be automated, which often scares people because that means people will be losing their jobs, but what people don’t understand is that someone will have to set up those robots, teach them their jobs, put them together, keep them clean, and so on. Our jobs might be replaced by a smart machine, but new jobs will be available pushing people to get a higher education, and to be honest, not EVERY job can be replaced by a walking, talking, thinking robot, so eventually we will have to learn to work with the robots rather than be replaced by them.

So now, what do businesses gain when they implement AI into their company???

  • Money saver- a routine process which is done hundreds or thousands of times a day can be replaced by a robot saving money and time.
  • Time saver- An employee can be doing another task more important than standing at a machine or clicking a button when a machine can do it itself and they can focus on creativity and advancing in something different. Example: Siri answers millions of questions a day and therefore a human doesn’t have to waste their time doing something that can be easily handled by a “robot”
  • Eventually, businesses will have to change and remodel their offices to stay on top of their business game. Once these types of changes start happening, office life will also improve.
  • This will also cause more revenue to come in because machines can do the same action a million times and you know it will be done correctly, humans are bound to make mistakes. Machines can also be set to a quicker than a human creating more toys or shoes, for example.
  • AI also helps store large amounts of data, because they are essentially computers.
  • Robots or machines which think can also help or give advice because they search through all the information that is available to them and through cognitive technology they are can give a well thought out idea.

So, in conclusion, there are numerous benefits from incorporating AI into your business, no matter the field, no matter the task, a robot or even incorporating automation can help your company thrive, but people need to be open to this idea, because we are surrounded with technology on a daily basis. So with that said, our kids are our future, therefore artificial intelligence is our future, so investing in AI is essentially investing in our children’s future.


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